GMAC SmartBuy puts the GM vehicle you want within reach. SmartBuy is like a lease because monthly payments can be lower than with traditional financing, however, with SmartBuy you own the vehicle. A balloon payment is due at the end of a SmartBuy contract, and SmartBuy gives you several ways to cover that payment.

Using SmartBuy, you pay for the portion of the vehicle you expect to use - just like a lease - plus finance charges. The vehicle is also titled in your name. At the end of your contract, you can keep your vehicle and refinance the balloon payment, subject to credit approval in some states, or return the vehicle (and pay a disposal fee and any excess mileage and wear charges)." When you buy using traditional financing, your monthly payments are paying for the whole vehicle - that can put a crimp in your budget, or keep you from driving the GM vehicle your really want.

SmartBuy offers you a series of distinctive advantages:

How SmartBuy Works

Using SmartBuy to get the GM car, truck or van you want is easy and convenient. Qualified customers can follow these simple steps:
For complete details about a GMAC SmartBuy arrangement for the GM vehicle of your choice, contact your GM dealership.  You'll get the advantages of ownership and low monthly payments. You'll discover there's just no smarter way to buy than SmartBuy.

Questions & Answers

Q.   Can I trade my vehicle before my SmartBuy
       contract ends?

A.   Yes, but it's to your advantage to arrange your
       SmartBuy contract up front, for the length of time
       your sure to keep your vehicle.

Q.   What about excess wear?
A.    Since you may select the option of returning your
        vehicle at the end of your SmartBuy, keep your
        vehicle in good operating condition and properly
        maintained, and you won't have any problems. If
        you keep your vehicle there will be no excess
        wear charges.

Q.   What about mileage?
A.    Your SmartBuy contract will set the number of
        miles you may accumulate on your vehicle. There
        is a charge for excess miles if you return your
        vehicle and exceed the mileage limit. There are
        no excess mileage charges if you keep your vehicle.

Q.    Can I get extra mechanical and maintenance
A.    Yes. A variety of GM Protection Plans are available
        in a range of time and mileage coverages to safeguard
        your vehicle beyond the manufacturer's warranty.
        And, since you are responsible for your vehicle's
        maintenance, GM Protection Plan SmartCare, a
        comprehensive scheduled maintenance plan, is
        available for your convenience too.

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